There are many opportunities to volunteer at the library: a regular weekly shift  (Wed, Thu, or Fri), a 3-day shift (Wed-Fri), and occasional book repair workshops. Some work can also be done from home if you have a computer. Fill out our Sign-Up form to let us know your skills, interests, and available times.

  • Weekly shift: If you live close by and would like to be a regular part of the work, there are many ongoing tasks that we need help with at the library.
  • Week-long shift: For people coming from a distance, local housing is available. We’ll find you a place to stay so you can help out at the library during the day, and experience the community life in the area in the evenings.
  • Book repair workshops may be scheduled periodically. These will probably be on Saturdays, depending on the instructor’s availability, and will run from 10 to 2 with a break for lunch.

Besides these options, we’re also looking for volunteers to join our new Friends of the Rudolf Steiner Library group. Email us for more information at rsteinerlibrary@gmail.com.


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