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Rudolf Steiner Library News, September 2016


Contact librarian Judith Kiely for more information. (518) 944-7007 
Library hours Wed-Sat 10-3

Update: Waldorf Educational Foundation Grant If you are affiliated with a Waldorf school in the continental United States, you can now sign up for a free one-year individual library membership thanks to a grant awarded by the Waldorf Educational Foundation to the Anthroposophical Society in America.

Waldorf school faculty and staff, teacher trainees, board members, and Waldorf school parents are eligible. Memberships run from Sept 2016 through Aug 2017.
For more information: or sign up:

Note: Library closures The library will be closed Sat Sep 17, and open by appointment only Wed Sep 14 – Fri Sep 16. We will also be closed during the Annual General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in America, from Thu Oct 6 – Sat Oct 8.

Overdue Books Notices We’ve been hearing from borrowers that our overdue notices have been ending up in their spam folders. Please mark the library email address as NOT SPAM so you don’t miss our reminders.

Search for new books in our online catalog:


Report: Volunteer Project Week, August 8-12
Volunteer Margaret Shipman reports: “We were able to make a giant step forward in the organization and preservation of historical materials.  We re-boxed the foreign-language periodicals, mostly German, into 150 gray archival storage boxes, by title and date—and then put all the sets of boxes on shelves in alphabetical order.  They are finally safely archived in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment, and on a single floor!  I told visitors and other volunteers to ‘look at our sea of gray boxes’.  The sea is small as oceans go but the accomplishment feels worthy of the word.”


Thanks to all who volunteered: : Cecelia Elinson, Branko Furst, Caroline Gordon, PatRick Kiely, Lioba Logan, Martin Miller, Robert Oelhaf, Christina Porkert, Douglas Sloan, Kathleen Williams, and especially Margaret Shipman, who traveled from Los Angeles and worked for the entire week (35 hours!).


Report: Book Repair Workshop, Sat Aug 20
Bookbinder and Waldorf teacher Lisa Damian held a workshop on Japanese stab-stitching at the library on Aug 20, sponsored by the Rudolf Steiner Library Circle of Friends. Five people participated: John Cunningham, Lioba Logan, Martin Miller, Linda Park, and Christina Porkert. They repaired 14 books, and plan to come back to do more. Thank you!


Don’t forget: SteinerBooks 50% Discount Offer
Members and friends can purchase books for the library from SteinerBooks at a 50% discount.
Books purchased for the library must be ordered through Marsha Post:
(413) 528‑8233, ext. 2

Coming in Oct: Annual General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in America
We plan to have a small pop-up library at the AGM in October. Day, time & place to be announced. Members of the Rudolf Steiner Library Circle of Friends will be joining us, too. We hope to meet you there!

Rudolf Steiner Library of the Anthroposophical Society in America
351 Fairview Ave Ste 610, Hudson, NY 12534-1259
(518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |

Rudolf Steiner Library Bulletin, July 2016


Contact librarian Judith Kiely for more information about any of the following items.
(518) 944-7007

Waldorf Educational Foundation Grant
The Waldorf Educational Foundation has awarded a grant to the Anthroposophical Society in America for the Rudolf Steiner Library to offer free one-year individual library memberships to Waldorf school faculty and staff, teacher trainees, and Waldorf school parents in the United States. Memberships will run from Sept 2016 through Aug 2017.

Library Lending Change
As of September 1, lending periods will be as follows:
 2 months for local borrowers
● 3 months for mail order borrowers
● 6 months for study group borrowers
Materials may be renewed if other borrowers have not requested them.
Due dates for books lent earlier this year will not change.

Search for new books in our online catalog.

Volunteer Project Week, August 8-12
Come help us finish re-boxing our archival periodicals the week of August 8.
Sign up for a 2‑hour morning or afternoon shift.

Book Repair Workshop, Sat August 20
Learn Japanese stab-stitching with bookbinder and Waldorf teacher Lisa Damian August 20,
930 am – 1230 pm. Help us repair our paperback books, and learn a new skill.

Nadia Bedard Leaving at End of July
Library assistant Nadia Bedard has been accepted to a graduate program at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. We’re sad to see Nadia go, but we’re also excited about her new adventure!

SteinerBooks 50% Discount Offer
Members and friends can now purchase books for the library from SteinerBooks at a 50% discount. All books that SteinerBooks publishes or distributes are eligible for this discount.

Books purchased for the library must be ordered through Marsha Post:
(413) 528‑8233, ext. 2

Used Book Donations
If you’d like to donate your used books to the library, we’d be happy to accept your books if they are in very good condition. Books that we don’t need for the collection are sold on

Rudolf Steiner Library Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends’ fundraising campaign for the library has been going well! Thanks to the many donations from members and friends, along with the grant from the Waldorf Education Foundation (see above), your librarian will be returning to full-time status for the rest of this year. Thank you to all for your generous support!

Library Notes March 1, 2016

(Left) Our maintenance worker Travis Henry reading after cleaning the library.
(Right) William Furse checking materials he has scanned for emailing to a library borrower. William has been helping out at the library for over 20 years!

Just a few weeks ago we were still hearing from some members that they didn’t know the library had re-opened. Yes, we are open (since December 2015) and are ready to receive your orders for library materials or requests for help with research.

Library materials are loaned for one year, and can be renewed for an additional 6 months if they have not been requested by other borrowers. We will ask you to return an item you have had for at least 3 months if another member requests it.

For mail-orders, borrowers reimburse the library for shipping costs. You may mail us a check or stamps, but if you have a Paypal account, you can now reimburse the library for postage costs by directing your Paypal payment to:

For 2016, the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America allocated $60,000 for the library budget, which allows us to operate 15 hours per week (Thurs-Fri-Sat 10 am – 3 pm).

Donations to supplement the current budget for the library can be made online at:

In addition a group of supporters, the Rudolf Steiner Library Circle of Friends, has formed to help the library remain sustainable into the future. The group is in the process of incorporating and will soon be mailing an appeal for donations to augment the current library budget.

Thank you for your support!

P.S. This will be our last blog entry for now—with our current 15-hour/week schedule, it’s not possible to keep up with everything. We will continue to focus on meeting our members’ research and borrowing requests.

Volunteers in Action: 6 Weeks! 19 People! 120 Hours!

Volunteers Martin Miller and PatRick Kiely hang our sign.

… Yes, our library is back. And we couldn’t have done it without the generous and capable support of all our volunteers. In the six weeks from when we moved into our new location in Hudson, NY on November 10, 2015 until the Christmas holidays, nineteen volunteers from the community worked to get the library up and running.

We started tracking volunteer hours with the online program Track It Forward (free for under 50 volunteers), and the total hours people contributed over those 6 weeks was 120!

Thank you to all of our volunteers: Ann Finucane, Raimond Flynn, William Furse, Branko Furst, Caroline Gordon, Karin Haldeman, Mary Haley, Mary Linda Harrington, Seth Jordan, Tom Jordan, Emma Kiely, PatRick Kiely, Martin Miller, Tommy Moore, Christina Porkert, Maggie Paholak, Tim Paholak, Nathaniel Williams, and Jen Zimberg.

The 120 hours does not include all the time that the new Friends of the Rudolf Steiner Library group have been working to get established so they can raise funds to supplement the $60,000 budget allocated for the library in 2016.

Thanks to the Friends for their diligent labors: Harold Bush, Raimond Flynn, Joyce Gallardo, Karin Haldeman, Martin Miller, Robert Oelhaf, Christina Porkert, Margaret Rosenthaler, Douglas Sloan, and Nathaniel Williams.

Thanks also to General Council member Dwight Ebaugh and Director of Operations Katherine Thivierge for their careful work as the Council’s new library committee.

The work continues, and we still need you. If you’d like to volunteer, contact the library or fill out our online application form. There’s a variety of jobs you can help with.

Rudolf Steiner Library | (518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |

Library assistant Nadia Bedard checking out a book for mailing; Martin Miller sanding the sharp corners of the plexiglass surface of the service desk. Volunteer Tommy Moore sorting new periodicals.

Volunteer Tim Paholak re-shelving pamphlets. Martin Miller troubleshooting the computers.

Post written by Judith Kiely and Nadia Bedard.
Rudolf Steiner Library | (518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |

December 8, 2015: We’re back!

library-moving-in-photo-1 library-moving-in-photo-2

Although we are still unpacking, we are ready to fill new requests for library materials, and receive materials you wish to return. You may also renew items you have checked out unless another borrower has requested them. Just phone, email, or text us (mailing address & contact information below).

Because members were enthusiastic about borrowing books for a full year when we closed in 2013, we will continue this practice. Materials can also be renewed for 6 months. One exception: materials will be subject to recall after 3 months if requested by another borrower.

We had hoped to offer free mail-order lending in the coming year, but are unable to do so. Mail borrowers will need to continue to pay the round-trip postage fees for mail-orders. Library rates range from $2.59 for 1 pound, to $6.91 for 10 pounds. Most orders are within the 1 – 10 lb. range.

We are in the process of updating our Paypal account to accept postage reimbursements, but you may still pay for postage by mailing us a check or stamps.

Research services will be available as time permits. The first half-hour of research is free to members, and thereafter is $30/hour with a $15 minimum charge.

Due to the substantial reduction to the 2016 Anthroposophical Society in America budget, we are in straitened financial circumstances. Please donate what you can:

Our new Friends of the Rudolf Steiner Library group is working to obtain tax-exempt status. Charitable donations to the Friends will directly support library services and programs, along with facility, equipment, and materials collection needs. We’ll keep you updated on the Friends progress.

Mail library materials to be returned to:
Rudolf Steiner Library 351 Fairview Ave Ste 610 Hudson NY 12534-1259
(518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |
Hours: Tue 1-4 pm | Wed-Thu-Fri 9-12 & 1-4 pm (closed 12-1 pm) | Sat 9- 12, and by appt.

New hours starting Jan 2016: Thurs – Fri – Sat 10 am – 3 pm

Moving in, and Robert Logsdon’s Lazuring: Update November 8, 2015

Yes, we’re finally moving into our new home at 351 Fairview Avenue, Suite 610 in Greenport (Hudson), New York, next door to KB Chiropractic, but we won’t be open to the public for a few weeks.


The lazuring of the space was completed by Robert Logsdon and his crew, Nika Dubnansky, Michael Graeff, and Kettil Hoel, on October 22. The photos below just give a hint of the life that the lazuring has brought to the rooms.


Left : A view into the rear of the space (before the floor was cleaned and polished).
Right:  The painting crew at work: (from left) Kettil Hoel, Robert Logsdon, Michael Graeff, and Nika Dubnansky.


Two views toward the front of the space; Michael and Nika at work.


Left: Meeting room exterior in progress; Michael and Kettil.
Right: Finished meeting room exterior.


Left: View from inside the meeting room toward the office.
Right: Office exterior (with recycled window).

photo-10  Finished interior wall of the office.

You are invited to come to our open house on Saturday, November 28 (1-4 pm) to see the lazuring for yourself.



Construction Progress Report, 18 October 2015

Yes, we’re overdue to re-open!


Our move-in dates have been postponed until November, but with good reason—to accommodate a special project in the new space.

Volunteer Raimond Flynn of New Paltz, NY, gathered together a small group of donors who wanted to artistically enliven the space, and they are funding the project in entirety. More information and photos will follow in our next blog entry.

Note to local members: please do not come to get a preview of the space this week, as it is disruptive to those working on the project. Thank you.

Painters applying the final finish coat to the walls on October 12.

Facility fundraiser update: 91 members and friends have donated $11,625 toward rent and utility costs for the next two years. Thank you to all our donors who have helped to make our re-opening possible.

Our new Friends of the Rudolf Steiner Library in the Berkshire-Taconic region held their second meeting on October 15. Members will be helping to coordinate our open-house celebration scheduled for Saturday afternoon, November 28, 1-4 pm. This a drop-in event, so please come by if you’re in the area.

On the morning of Nov. 28, 10-12 noon, we will also hold a review conversation of library committee work over the past two years, based on our survey conducted this past summer.

Once we are moved into the space, there will be plenty of unpacking and re-shelving of materials to do. If you have time to volunteer, please contact Judith Kiely at

Artist Robert Logsdon at work on the special project.



Library Construction Update, 17 September 2015

Progress on our new space at the Greenport Town Plaza, 351 Fairview Avenue, Hudson, NY, continues apace, and we hope to re-open in October.


Once the new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is installed, the 14-foot dropped ceiling can be closed up, and what’s left to do is install the electrical outlets, clean and polish the tiled floor, and wire the space for internet. Then we move in, and you get to start borrowing books again!


[Photo: Library staff member Nadia Bedard in the doorway of our new office.]

Our immediate neighbors in the plaza include a chiropractic treatment center, with whom we will share an entryway and lavatories, and the studio of artist Robert The
who is known for his gun-books and other sculptures made from discarded books.

The Periodicals Service Company suppliers of back issues of out-of-print periodicals—another endeavor of our busy Premier Riverview landlord Robert Koskey— has offices in the front of the building and warehouse in the rear. Also in the rear is Premier Brands of America suppliers of foot care, health, and beauty products.

Additional tenants include the new Hudson Carpet One Floor & Home store next to the existing Brands Farm Thrift Store; and of course the Price Chopper supermarket at the far end of the plaza. You can combine a shopping trip with your library visits.

With the budget cuts recently announced by society treasurer Jack Michael, we need your financial support more than ever. Please donate online at

Thank you for all your contributions!

Library Construction Progress Report, 16 August 2015

On August 13 Raimond Flynn, Nathaniel Williams, and I visited 351 Fairview Avenue in Hudson to view the progress on our new library space. Nathaniel and Raimond have been instrumental in securing our new location in the Berkshire-Taconic region.

We were pleased to see the many developments:

  • all exterior walls, along with the meeting room and interior office have been framed, and most of the sheet-rocking completed
  • the shared entryway with lavatories has been framed, and the sewer line installed
  • the front windows and door have been cut out.

Here’s a view from just inside the space, by one of the new front windows. The emergency exit door you see will be filled in, and a new 6-foot doorway will be installed to the left of this existing door.


In the photo it looks positively leafy outside beyond the dumpster, but don’t be fooled. Beyond that one tree is an enormous asphalt parking lot whose future the property owners have not yet decided upon. Send us your ideas, and we’ll share them with our landlord.


Unlike at the carriage house in Harlemville and our temporary location in Philmont, parking will be ample as you can see; and we won’t have any hazardous hills to contend with in the winter—all the more reason to come visit when we re-open this fall!

Thank you again for your support.
Donations may be made online at:

Library update: Re-opening Fall 2015

Coming Fall 2015 — Our new location at 351 Fairview Ave, Hudson, NY


The library is still closed, but our staff is eagerly looking forward to re-opening in the fall
of 2015.

We will be moving to 351 Fairview Ave, Suite 610, Hudson, NY, 12534, as soon as the construction of our 2500-square-foot suite is completed. Our new landlord, Premier Riverview LLC, has begun construction of the space, which will be part of a mixed-use plaza.

Our local Berkshire-Taconic community has so far donated nearly $10,000 to help fund the cost of rent and utilities at the new space for 2015-16. That’s $1800 more than we appealed for this year, so these additional donations will be set aside to fund facility expenses for 2016-17.

Thank you for all your support and your patience!

We will be posting updates on the construction as it progresses, and plan to have a re-opening celebration once we get settled in.

Check our online catalog for the new books that will be available when we re-open.

Although we’ve had to change the shelving layout, here’s the floor plan of our new space.
We hope you will visit us when we re-open in the fall.