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Volunteers in Action: 6 Weeks! 19 People! 120 Hours!

Volunteers Martin Miller and PatRick Kiely hang our sign.

… Yes, our library is back. And we couldn’t have done it without the generous and capable support of all our volunteers. In the six weeks from when we moved into our new location in Hudson, NY on November 10, 2015 until the Christmas holidays, nineteen volunteers from the community worked to get the library up and running.

We started tracking volunteer hours with the online program Track It Forward (free for under 50 volunteers), and the total hours people contributed over those 6 weeks was 120!

Thank you to all of our volunteers: Ann Finucane, Raimond Flynn, William Furse, Branko Furst, Caroline Gordon, Karin Haldeman, Mary Haley, Mary Linda Harrington, Seth Jordan, Tom Jordan, Emma Kiely, PatRick Kiely, Martin Miller, Tommy Moore, Christina Porkert, Maggie Paholak, Tim Paholak, Nathaniel Williams, and Jen Zimberg.

The 120 hours does not include all the time that the new Friends of the Rudolf Steiner Library group have been working to get established so they can raise funds to supplement the $60,000 budget allocated for the library in 2016.

Thanks to the Friends for their diligent labors: Harold Bush, Raimond Flynn, Joyce Gallardo, Karin Haldeman, Martin Miller, Robert Oelhaf, Christina Porkert, Margaret Rosenthaler, Douglas Sloan, and Nathaniel Williams.

Thanks also to General Council member Dwight Ebaugh and Director of Operations Katherine Thivierge for their careful work as the Council’s new library committee.

The work continues, and we still need you. If you’d like to volunteer, contact the library or fill out our online application form. There’s a variety of jobs you can help with.

Rudolf Steiner Library | (518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |

Library assistant Nadia Bedard checking out a book for mailing; Martin Miller sanding the sharp corners of the plexiglass surface of the service desk. Volunteer Tommy Moore sorting new periodicals.

Volunteer Tim Paholak re-shelving pamphlets. Martin Miller troubleshooting the computers.

Post written by Judith Kiely and Nadia Bedard.
Rudolf Steiner Library | (518) 944-7007 (voice & text) |