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Moving in, and Robert Logsdon’s Lazuring: Update November 8, 2015

Yes, we’re finally moving into our new home at 351 Fairview Avenue, Suite 610 in Greenport (Hudson), New York, next door to KB Chiropractic, but we won’t be open to the public for a few weeks.


The lazuring of the space was completed by Robert Logsdon and his crew, Nika Dubnansky, Michael Graeff, and Kettil Hoel, on October 22. The photos below just give a hint of the life that the lazuring has brought to the rooms.


Left : A view into the rear of the space (before the floor was cleaned and polished).
Right:  The painting crew at work: (from left) Kettil Hoel, Robert Logsdon, Michael Graeff, and Nika Dubnansky.


Two views toward the front of the space; Michael and Nika at work.


Left: Meeting room exterior in progress; Michael and Kettil.
Right: Finished meeting room exterior.


Left: View from inside the meeting room toward the office.
Right: Office exterior (with recycled window).

photo-10  Finished interior wall of the office.

You are invited to come to our open house on Saturday, November 28 (1-4 pm) to see the lazuring for yourself.