Monthly Archives: February 2014

Town Hall Meeting

Below is a video of one of the three “Town Hall” meetings that the library hosted online between February 8th and 9th. In it we discuss the history of the library, the new vision that’s forming, and the types of partnerships that the library is seeking within the anthroposophical community. The Town Hall is an invitation to hear what’s going on and to get involved! We received great commentary and questions from those who attended which we will organize and share, in the near future, as seeds for further conversation. As a follow-up to the Town Halls, we will begin engaging associations, institutions, and communities who are interested in becoming partners in creating the new vision for the library. Over the next two months we will be gathering together everything we’ve learned from the Town Hall meetings, last fall’s member survey, online conversations from the blog and social media, our meetings with potential partners, and the many conversations we’ve had, and will continue to have, with the whole anthroposophical community. From all of these thoughts we will form a basic proposal for a new, sustainable structure for the library – an agile structure that can continue to be built up and engaged by the larger community as we move forward – and a bit of a road map on how that engagement will look. Please watch the video and join in the process! The library has great potential at this moment. It can be a house where all our anthroposophical work is actively living, a place where we continually return in order to meet each other and build this work anew. And we are the ones who will imagine what that house looks like and how wide its walls are. We welcome your thoughts, time, and talents!

Video of the Library Move!

Here’s the video documenting the move of the library from its home of 32 years, the Carriage House in Harlemville, NY. The move was made possible by 175 hours of volunteer labor, the efforts of Judith Kiely (our interim librarian), and Seth Jordan (our transition coordinator). Our movers were the good people at Arnoff Moving & Storage & Rigging out of Albany, NY. Check it out: